Littmann Master Cardiology StethoscopeThe 3M Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope is known as the ultimate acoustical stethoscope industry wide.

The Master Cardiology differs from other models with the Littmann patented single-sided tunable diaphragm. This allows you to monitor both high and low frequency sounds without having to turn over or alter the chest piece.

It boasts a special procedures adapter specifically designed for difficult site and pediatric auscultation.

The “two-tubes-in-one design” is unique to Littmann stethoscopes and is present in this model as well. It features a handcrafted, solid polished stainless steel chest piece, a light weight headset, nonchill rim and double-leaf binaural spring. It of course also features Littmann’s patented soft-sealing ear tips.

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With the solid reputation of Littmann products, paired with a seven year warranty, you know you are getting a high quality, high performance stethoscope.

Smaller or larger ear tips are available for purchase depending on your needs.


  • Cardiology – high performance
  • Special procedures adapter
  • Nonchill rim
  • Double-leaf binaural spring
  • Seven-year warranty
  • Littmann soft-sealing ear tips
  • Length 27” or 22”

Customer Reviews:

With very little criticisms, this stethoscope is highly reviewed by costumers. They have given it an average of 4.74/5 stars, based on 2 customer reviews.

Thoroughly impressed with the superior clarity of this Master Cardiology, customers go so far as to encourage prospective buyers to try out lesser models so they will be able to properly appreciate how incredible this model is.

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Not having to turn the head of the stethoscope to listen for murmurs when monitoring heart tones is mentioned as a great feature. Also highly praised is the light weight design, making it easy to carry and store.

They say that auscultating pulmonary and cardiac sounds are easier than ever to listen to with the Master Cardiology.

Many say the sounds are amazingly crisp and clear, the patented Littmann soft-sealing ear tips are are comfortable as promised, the weight is perfect and the quality is superb.
While slightly more expensive than the average stethoscope, customers are quick to say it is well worth the price for the higher level of quality.

One minor complaint is that if you spring to purchase the ID tags, customers say you will have to send the tags right back in to have them engraved anyways. Many think that you might as well not pay for the ID tags and just find a means to ID it yourself.

With superior volume, quality and tone compared to other brands, Littmann stethoscopes guarantee you will be satisfied by their level of performance.  The Littmann Cardiology Stethoscope is no exception and is one of the higher quality stethoscopes available from Littmann. Perfect for anything from paediatrics and clinical examinations to cardiac auscultating sounds, the impeccable clarity and high quality of the Master Cardiology will undoubtedly suit your needs.