3M Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope

The 3M Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope boasts unparalleled excellence in general examination stethoscopes.

A classic stethoscope, the Master Classic II has a patented single-sided tunable diaphragm. This differs from other models as it allows you to monitor both high and low frequency sounds without having to turn over the chest piece.

Much simpler than other stethoscopes, there is no need to make any adjustments to fit your changing needs. This is ideal for general examinations and family practices.

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It has a three year warranty and a solid stainless steel chest piece. The Littmann Master Classic 2 Stethoscope has a high performance single-lumen tubing and a nonchill rim and of course features Littmann’s patented soft-sealing ear tips.

The Littmann name holds strong brand recognition and is trusted with the making of high quality stethoscopes. The three year warranty is included with the price of the Master Classic II, so you are guaranteed to be pleased with its simple design and high quality and clarity.

It is also possible to buy smaller or larger ear tips depending on your needs.


  • Physical assessment and diagnosis
  • Single-lumen tubing
  • Nonchill rim
  • Patented single-sided diaphragm
  • Three-year warranty
  • Littmann soft-sealing ear tips
  • Length 27”

Customer Reviews:

Praising its fair price and superior quality, customers are very happy with the Littmann Master Classic 2 Stethoscope. They have given it an average of 4.88/5 stars (this is based on 68 customer reviews.

The high-low sound auscultating technology is highly praised by consumers. The added bonus of the custom hose colors is appreciated.

They boast that it is the perfect high performance unit for such a low price. Many are also very happy with how compact and light weight it is, saying they are surprised by how comfortable it is.

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One small complaint in particular says the hose is a tad short; being slightly longer would make it perfect.  Also many said that it is effective for all examination needs, but is not recommended for cardiologists. While it will “get the job done”, it is not as strong as is often necessary in cardiology.

Many users say they are hard on their Master Classic, cleaning it vigorously and leaving it in their car during the winter and summer, yet it has stood the test of time and continues to outperform other models and brands they have used.

A number of consumers say the high quality is nothing less then what they would expect from a product manufactured and designed by Littmann.  Trusted by all consumer reviewers, the Littmann name is synonymous with quality and performance.

With the exception of cardiologists, this stethoscope is thought to be perfect for all examination needs. Whether you are a medical student or a physician, you will be pleased if you choose to purchase the Littmann Master Classic 2. It is light weight, easy to use and has an array of attractive features.