best stethoscope for nursesIf you are in nursing school or already work as a nurse, you know how important it is to have a good stethoscope. There are few pieces of medical equipment that you will use as often as you do your stethoscope. From all of your training and nursing experience, you know that you will need a great stethoscope to give your patients the care that they deserve. But what is the best stethoscope? Is there one, particular brand that tops all the others. And what are the criteria that make a particular model the best stethoscope for nurses?

Let’s take a look at what makes a stethoscope the best stethoscope for nurses.


If you haven’t put in a lot of time doing rounds or giving patient examinations, you might not think that weight is an important factor. Experienced medical professionals will tell you a different story, though. If you buy a stethoscope that is too heavy, you’ll definitely start to feel the strain from that purchase after a few rounds. Even though the heaviest stethoscopes aren’t very weighty, just a few ounces make a difference when you’re working 12 hour shifts with your stethoscope around your neck. While you search for the best stethoscope, be sure to scope out the weight and only get a model that you think you can comfortably carry around while on the job.


You don’t want to be constantly stooping or bending over to take vitals when you work with patients, so it’s important to get a well-designed stethoscope. That means that the model you choose should let you take the most common types of vitals, without forcing you into unnatural, unhealthy positions. As a nurse, you’ll be moving around a lot and on your fee all the time. Be sure that you get a stethoscope that’s designed to be used on the go. Not every stethoscope is created equally, so not every model will be the best stethoscope for nurses who are constantly on the go.

So, What is the Best Stethoscope for Nurses?

We couldn’t wrap up this article without revealing our pick. After comparing several models, and looking at feedback from several nurses, we recommend Littmann Stethoscopes. These instruments are light enough to be comfortable, well designed and provide top quality audio. Littmann offers several models, but we were very impressed with the Littmann Classic II. Of course, you’ll want to compare different brands and models for yourself, but in our opinion, you can’t go wrong with Littmann Stethoscopes.

There are more choices now, than ever before when it comes to finding the best stethoscope. While you may ultimately find that a model other than the Littmann Classic II, is the best stethoscope for your needs, it is still a model that should be on the top of your list for comparison with the other popular models on the market.